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GMSBO Series 2 - Oil Fired Steam Boiler

Up to 85.6% AFUE


Quality Heat Exchanger Design:
  • Features a dependable cast iron heat exchanger with robust steel push nipples to maintain a watertight seal. Provides maximum heat transfer and is stronger than the rubber gaskets found in other boilers
  • Swing Door:
  • Features a generously sized swing door for easy access during cleaning
  • Burner observation cover plate
  • Up to 85.6% AFUE Efficiency

    Operating control:
  • Honeywell Pressure Control
  • Hydrolevel Electronic Low Water Cutoff
  • Factory Installed Service Switch with a plug in receptacle for the Oil Burner
  • Burner in a Box:
  • Features a Beckett Burner that is quick and easy to mount and has a plug-in harness
  • Makes moving the boiler down a stairway easier
  • Optional Tankless Domestic Hot Water Coil Kits
  • Other Features:
  • The Flue Connection is Convertible (Rear/Top)
  • Makes this boiler much easier to adapt to an existing chimney
  • Steam trim is shipped loose allowing the installer optional locations for the condensate return piping, pressure relief valve and boiler drain
  • Warranty:
  • 10 Year Limited Heat Exchanger

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